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Hello, Friends!

I started this blog to create a positive, nonjudgemental space where all of you lovely people can find entertainment, resources, and advice for living a happy family life. If you are simply a passionate, eager to learn, kind soul–you will fit right in!

My number one goal here is to help. Whether you need a good laugh (because life just sucks sometimes) or you’re trying to find advice and resources for dealing with all the craziness that is life, I’m your girl.I always write from experience. I became a parental figure at a very young age (I was only 19!). My step-daughter, who I’ll refer to as “S” for privacy reasons, is the light of my life. Her Dad, her Mom, and I work together to provide a happy, stable life for her. I hope I can help some fellow step-moms out as I write about what I’ve learned (and I’m continuing to learn!) throughout this wonderful journey.Happy Rescue Pup!I am also totally obsessed with my dog Ridley, and essentially all other dogs/animals alike. I have worked in the pet-care industry for 2 years now and I love sharing tips for giving your pet the best life possible!

My inbox is open to anyone who needs to talk. You are all beautiful souls and I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this!

Stay weird, friends!









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